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Step 3: Looking up a transaction

  This step is part of a five step getting started tutorial

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Viewing transactions 
Login via Hotel Pay, or via Payments > Online Payments in your dashboard. See Login to Hotel Pay for more details.

To find a specific transaction, we recommend to search for the transaction date:

  1. In the navy blue menu bar, click on Operations.
  2. In the copper menu bar, click on View transactions.
  3. Enter the date of the transaction in the From and To date fields.
  4. Tick the relevant "Status" boxes, if you are unsure which boxes to tick, tick all boxes.
  5. Click on Show list.


Overview of transactions

You will now see a list of all transactions within your selected date.
Most important columns are:

  • Pay ID This number is not relevant.
  • Merchant reference This is the transaction reference number seen by guests in their payment screen and on their bank account. This number is also mentioned on to the room reservation or payment request.
  • Orders Includes the date and time of the transaction.
  • Status Includes the status of a transaction. As mentioned in the previous article, the only status where a transaction is successful is status 9 - Payment requested. When the transaction has status 9, the provider has accepted the payment and a room reservation will be made in our system.
  • Authorisation Credit card companies also provide an authorization number with transactions.
  • Total This is the total amount of the transaction. For room reservations, this is the total booking amount including extras.
  • Rating This indicates how certain a transaction is.
    - When red, the transaction will not pass and will never have Status 9.
    - When orange, the transaction is flagged (as for example, the card holder may not be in their own country). The transaction will still pass.
    - When green, the transaction is perfect and will pass.
  • Name This is the name of the person who made the payment. This might be different from the guest's name which is confirmed in the room reservation.
  • Method This is the payment method selected by the guest.


Transaction Refund

If you wish to see more details of one particular transaction:

  • Click on the Pay ID of the transaction.

This will show you more details about one particular transaction, including the email address and postal address of the guest. The guest's phone number is only included in the transaction email, not in this screen. 

When a transaction has Status 9, you have the option to refund the transaction:

  • Click on Refund button.
  • Untick the box Last one if you wish to only refund part of the amount. Otherwise the full amount will be refunded to the guest.



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