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Step 5: Setting the payment logos and activating rates for Hotel Pay

  This step is part of a five step getting started tutorial

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Dit artikel bevat de volgende onderwerpen:

  1. Setting the payment logos
  2. Activating rates for Hotel Pay

Setting the payment logos
Guests can see in step 2 of the booking process which payment methods can be used to pay directly online. Whenever you add a new payment method to Hotel Pay, you would need to also add the payment icon to Step 2:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click on Content management > Hotel Settings.
  2. Tick the boxes for each payment method and click Save.


Now guests will be able to see the payment methods in step 2.



Activating rates for Hotel Pay 
You can choose different guarantee methods for each rate that is offered. This varies from "no guarantee", to "pay directly online". If you want to set a rate, so guests can pay via Hotel Pay, you can set this up:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click on Content management.
  2. Underneath the room name, click on the rate name.
  3. Next to "Guarantee method", tick the box for "Online payment" and click Save.



This was the last step of the five step getting started tutorial

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