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Step 2: Knowing how a reservation is paid

  This step is part of a five step getting started tutorial

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What happens when a guest confirms the payment

Take a look at the following steps in order to understand the process flow for an online payment.

This is what the guest will see:

  1. The guest clicks on the pay button in the booking engine.
  2. The guest is redirected to the payment page and completes the transaction via a payment provider (such as iDeal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, etc.).
  3. Once the transaction is completed, the guest is redirected to the confirmation page of the booking engine. The transaction and the booking is now both confirmed.
  4. The guest will receive a booking confirmation via email.

This is what the hotel will see:

  1. The hotel will first receive a transaction confirmation email from Hotel Pay.

  2. The hotel will also receive a booking confirmation via e-mail from the booking engine. The booking will also be delivered to a channel manager or PMS, if connected with

Note Occasionally, Hotel Pay is unable to connect to the booking engine, which might happen on every 1000 payments. This might happen to your hotel as well. This could result in a guest arriving at the hotel who paid, without a room booking. To prevent this, ensure that when a transaction confirmation is received, your Reception or Reservations agent matches the payment with a room booking. The transaction confirmation and room booking email should always arrive in your inbox at the same time.


The transaction e-mail of a succesful payment (status 9)
Hotel Pay is a system that connects payment methods and transactions to the booking engine. When a transaction is successful and accepted by the payment provider, the transaction will get "Status 9 - Payment requested". 

"Status 9" is the only status which will allow the booking engine to confirm a room booking. Any other status means that the payment is not succesful and no room reservation will be confirmed. 

You will receive emails from every transaction attempt from guests. Check if the email mentions "Status 9 - Payment requested". This means that the payment is successful and a room reservation confirmation should be in your inbox as well.

When a transaction has "Status 9", the transaction has been accepted by your payment provider, which usually means that the transaction will be paid out to your bank account in several business days.

Note will never guarantee payment of transactions. In order to know if your payments are guaranteed, we recommend to contact your payment provider (such as Paysquare, Atos, Ingenico Collect, American Express, PayPal, etc.). Your payment provider will advise you which settings you should have enabled in Hotel Pay in order to have payments guaranteed.


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