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Package with own availability and prices

In this manual we explain step-by-step how you can create a new package with own availability and price.

With this option you create a rate that is only available for this package. 

Default availability Enter a default availability here. This indicates how many packages you want to offer as default.
Single Supplement If you also want to offer the package for 1 person, enter the single person supplement here. If it can only be booked for 2 people, leave it at 0
Can start on Under Can start on, select the days on which the package can start
Fixed rate Under Fixed rate enter the total price for the entire package for 2 persons
Amount of persons Enter 2 here, this is the number of persons for whom the entered price applies

This option is used when your package is not linked to a room type and stands entirely on its own. 




If you have entered the above, click on the Save button, to save the package.

When finished, it looks like this in the booking engine:



Questions? If you have any questions about adding a new package own linked availability and prices, please contact our support team by submitting a new support request.

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