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Package with linked availability and own prices

In this manual we explain step-by-step how you can create a new package with linked availability and your own price.

This option makes it possible to link a package to the availability of a chosen rate under a room with its own price. You can use this option when there is no relationship between the price of your room and the price of your package. For example:



The image above shows that each room type has multiple rates, a standard rate and a non-refundable rate. Now we want to link availability to the standard rates of all room types for the package with its own price. You now choose the room type that you want to show first under the package. You do this in the order of the rates as you want to show them.

When you have selected the first room type, select the days on which the package can start under Can start on. Under Fixed rate enter the total price of the package. 

You can only use this option if the package has a fixed price for the entire period. If you use different seasonal prices for a package, you better choose the option: Manage your prices through your channel manager.

To link a new rate / room type, click under the linked rate / room type at Link to another rate. A new block is added so that you can link the following rate / room type. Repeat these steps until all rates / room types have been added to the package. 


When you are finished you can click on Save Package and it looks like this:


When finished, it looks like this in the booking engine:



Questions? If you have any questions about adding a new package with linked availability and own prices, please contact our support team by submitting a new support request.

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