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Package with linked availability and linked prices

In this manual we explain step-by-step how you can create a new package with linked availability and linked price.

This article contains the following topics:

  1. Surcharge package based on room price
  2. Manage prices package through your channel manager

1. Surcharge package based on room price
This option makes it possible to link prices and availability of your room prices to your package. You can then set a surcharge for the package. Suppose we want to offer our standard double room and deluxe double room under our new package with linked availability and price. The package for the standard double room has a surcharge of € 25.- per day and for the deluxe double room a surcharge of € 50 per day. You set this, as in the example below.



If we now view the package in the booking module, it looks like this:



2. Manage prices package through your channel manager 
More and more hotels want to manage package rates through a channel manager, without having them visible under a room type. Below we explain step by step how this could be set up. You can now create a rate and not display it under a room type. This way the rate will be read by your channel manager. 

  1. Select the room type that you want to offer for your package and then click on Add rate to this room.


  2. Enter the rate information and conditions and set the option Show rate? on "no"


  3. Go to your package and select the rate that you have just created. Under Add this amount to connected rate, enter 0 for each day, since you are going to manage the prices via your channel manager. Don't forget to select the start days under Can start on.


The rate created under the room has its own ID. You can forward this to your channel manager to have this new rate linked, so that prices and availability can be forwarded. Once this is done, the package will immediately be visible and look like this in the booking engine:




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