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How long does the guest's data remain visible in the Dashboard?

This article describes the reason why you no longer see the guest's details in a reservation in the dashboard..

In the Dashboard you can look up all bookings received through your own website and via under Bookings > Direct Bookings. You will also see all the deatils of the guest when you have clicked on the booking number or on edit booking.

When searching for a reservation you may no longer see the name of the guest in het column Name, but GDPR in stead. Even when you have opened a reservation, you will see GDPR under Guest Details, where previously the personal details of the guest were shown.  
This has to do with the new GDPR legislation.

In the Dashboard, the personal details of guests remain visible for a maximum of 24 months (2 years) after the guest's departure. When the 24 months have passed, the personal data is automatically converted to GDPR. 

In the booking overview it looks like this:

When you have opened a reservation, you will see the following under Guest details:

There are 2 exceptions, where the personal data of the guest have already been put on GDPR. When guests have booked an overnight stay, guests can manage their bookings via My bookings in the booking engine and view their own personal details.

After canceling the booking or 2 months after the guest's departure, the guest can delete the personal data in the system themselves. In the event that the guest himself / herself deletes his / her own data, it is immediately converted to GDPR in the Dashboard.


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