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Tips in hard times...


Naturally, these are hard times for all hoteliers. The complete Hotel business is being affected intensely by the consequences of Corona/Covid-19 virus. We want to carry out a warm heart to all our customers and would like to share some tips, to hopefully enlighten the mood in your hotel a little bit.

  1. Excel in clear communication

Set-up an unambiguous policy of how your hotel takes care or matters in this situation on your website and on your social media. For example: how do you handle (future) bookings at the moment? Are they 100% refundable? This might help still generating revenue.

Furthermore, you can also show the precaution matters your hotel took to prevent further contamination, so your guests can stay at your hotel safely. Here are some ways to take care of this:

  • Conversion Booster: for our clients that already have the Conversion Booster up and running on their website, a lay-over containing your message to your guest is easily made. 
  • Discount banner: for customers that have our website template, you can use the discount banner to transfer your message to your guests.

 Do you need any help getting the message across? Our Marketing department is here to help. Get in contact via, or turn to your point-of-contact when using the Marketing Scorecard.

  1. Try to shift revenue

Ask guests that want to cancel their booking, to move their planned stay to a moment later on. Appeal to the solidarity of your customer.

For example, you can ask you guest, to leave their payment as it is, and hand-out a value voucher in return, making it able for your guest to stay at your hotel at a later moment in time. Hand-out something extra when they arrive, like a bottle of wine or a free breakfast. Offers, where the guest can ' pay now - stay later,' are also a good option to keep the revenue coming in at this moment.

Do you need help making a value voucher? Get in contact with our Marketing Department. 

  1. Use time wisely

Make sure you use these difficult times to prepare for better times, yet to come. Because those days will come and it’s nice to have everything in order when they do.

  • Optimize your website: take a long look at your website and delete old texts and images. When rewriting texts, take the importance of using SEO keywords into account. Use those words that your guests use when searching for a hotel in your area. 
  • Add extra booking channels: to distribute your rooms as wide as possible, making use of extra distribution possibilities is wise. How about adding Airbnb as an extra channel in your Channel Manager? At the same time, it’s possible to advertise on Google, handling a CPA (cost per acquisition) strategy. This way, you’ll only pay when a booking is made. Find out more info about Google Hotel Ads.
  • Get your Target Audience clear: for now, it might be wise to focus on your home audience. The guest that is near or in nearby countries is still more likely to make a booking. It is expected that these audiences will also start making bookings again first. Do you, for example, have your website available in German? Of maybe even French? Think of special packages for guests that don’t have to travel far. Also, in this case, the Marketing Team will be of assistance in helping you translate your website. 
  1. Get creative

A nice example of a creative strategy when it comes to generating extra revenue is Restaurant Rijks in Amsterdam. To still keep their restaurant business going, they now deliver their meals at your door. Think of something to keep your revenue going, for example, a gift card for a future stay?

  1. More tips and tricks?

Our partner, The Hotels Network, took care of an extensive presentation, where they shared even more tips & tricks that will keep your hotel business going in difficult times. Click here for the presentation. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions about this article or if you need more help to carry out these tips.

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