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New: Surcharges and city tax

Starting today, you can add and change surcharges and taxes yourself via the extranet. Think of service costs, cleaning costs or a city tax. These surcharges are now clearly displayed to the guest when booking. If you use our online payment solution, you can also choose to have the guest pay the fees at the time of booking.

The surcharges are sent separately to the channel manager and/or your PMS so that no differences arise compared to the previous situation.

Being able to individually add, implement and change surcharges like cleaning costs was a frequently heard request we got from hotels. Apart from that, there is a legal requirement to communicate surcharges like city tax and cleaning costs clearly and transparently to guests. For those reasons you can now add, set and change the surcharges and taxes directly in your personal extranet dashboard, simply by navigating to Settings > Surcharges and taxes. 


Important: Check the VAT and city tax for your hotel

To set up the VAT and city tax for your hotel, we strongly advise to log in to your dashboard as soon as possible to check and adjust the information applicable for your hotel.

Important By checking the VAT and city tax for your hotel, you make sure you communicate additional taxes clearly and transparently to your guests, this is the responsibility of the hotel.


Suggestions to add other surcharges

Aside from taxes, you also have the opportunity to individually add surcharges like cleaning- and service costs. It is even possible to enter periods for surcharges in case the value of the surcharges change in the future. Visit your dashboard (Settings > Surcharges and taxes) and see which surcharges apply for your hotel.



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