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New features and fixes through 2019-06-18

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Responsive Booking Engine


  • A/B testing We recently intensified A/B-testing, testing different versions of the booking engine. We do this to test small to medium variations of existing features and we will use it to test the implementation of larger new features. 

    An example of a test: Variation A shows smaller room images, variation B shows larger room images:


Responsive Hotel Website


  • Optimisation of all website templates Behind the scenes we worked hard to optimise all templates for a variety of internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. Some of the changes are also performance related. For instance, the fancybox for images is updated. The biggest changes were made in template Marquee. Images are larger and the menu on the left side is smaller. Image galleries in Internet Explorer look similar to a gallery in another browser now als well.

New websites

    Villa vie is a small boutique hotel in Lage an der Mosel. It located close to Cochem. With 12 rooms and suites it is considered the most beautiful hotel in Cochem.

    Apparthotel Oranjestaete is situated in a characteristic mansion at the edge of the city center. A place where the word “must” doesn’t exist, which is an important objective of the owners.


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