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Optimize conversion on your hotel website

Our newest product, the ‘Conversion Booster’, is all about raising your hotel’s conversion (the amount of bookings in respect to the amount of visitors) on the official website. With the help of a variety of tools, it’s aimed to raise, trigger and hold the attention of your website visitor. All tools are fully customizable in terms of text, color and placement on the website. A/B testing for one month leaves you with a clear overview on the amount of extra bookings generated by the Conversion Booster.

Optimizing conversion on the homepage

There are a few different tools that contribute to raising conversion. This proces starts on the homepage of your website. Take the image below, for example: Lauswolt Estate. When opening the homepage, a ‘Review Summary’ opens. The customer can check your average review score provided by the most important OTA’s. It’s also possible to show written reviews. There’s complete freedom in choosing the amount of OTA’s to be shown. The phrase ‘Top 10% of hotels in…’ helps emphasizing your advantageous position.



The next part of the conversion booster are ‘personalized notes.’ There are a few different notes like the standard one, that shows the amount of bookings made that day, promocodes and advantages that come with booking directly through your website. Notes are fully customizable as well, including colours, links and time on screen. By clicking on hyperlinks in notes, site visitors can be sent directly to room pages, special arrangements, or, if used, the Booking Engine. See the example below of Estate Lauswolt.


Point Out Layer

With the help of an extra layer on the homepage visitors can be easily made aware on extra deals, special arrangements or any other message you want their attention settled on. By integrating extra CTA’s (call-to-action, like “Best price, book now!’), your visitors are more likely to use links. Personalised CTA’s are a big help in increasing the amount of potential bookings. See the example below of Piet Hein Hotel. 



Optimizing conversion in your bookings engine

Once your visitor has arrived in the booking engine, multiple tools can be used to help speed up the process. These tools help point out the advantages of booking directly on the hotel website.


The use of standard and personalized notes is also possible within the bookings engine. Take the example below: Luxury Suites Amsterdam. With the help of  these notes, the visitor is once again made attentive to the advantages of booking directly (instead of booking through OTA’s). These notes are also effective in pointing out interesting advantages like extra discounts, free Wifi or the unique location of your hotel.



Price Check Widget

Within the Bookings Engine, the Price Check Widget compares your price to the prices of the OTA’s. It’s possibe to only show the prices of OTA’s when higher or equal to your own price and to not show the OTA’s prices when higher than your own. With the help of 3 USP’s (Unique Selling Points) you can point out why visitors should book directly through your engine. The next example of Estate Lauswolt shows you these perks.   



Saved Search

With the help of the ‘saved search’ tool, your visitor has the option to send their last search in the engine to their own inbox. Making the process easier and quicker when your visitor returns, when he/she was not able to make the booking the first time, to finalize their booking at your hotel website. The pop-up appears when your visitor is about to leave the site without having made the desired booking. See the example below of Estate Lauswolt. 



After the finalized booking


The appliance of notes is also possible after a booking has been made, to express gratitude with the help of a more personalized message. Messaging your visitors after they made a booking is a very important way of assuring your guest he or she made a good decision. You're taking away any doubt and letting them know you’re excited! The example below of is from Starlodge Hotels Utrecht. 




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