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Step 1: Connecting Mollie (10 minutes)

When you have signed a contract for Hotel Pay Light you can connect the Dashboard to Mollie. Connecting Hotel Pay Light to your booking engine is usually completed in just 15 minutes!

Our Support Team will send you a message once you can connect.






--- Transcription of the video ---


Connecting Mollie to

To connect:

  1. Go to > "Content Management" and click on "Connect to Mollie".
  2. Click "Sign up" at the bottom of the page to create an account

    Important: If you have an existing account, please let Support know before you continue. Only new signups are added to benefiting from special rates on credit card payments.

  3. Click "Allow access" to connect Mollie to

Once you see the confirmation page "Successfully connected" you can continue with Completing payment settings.




Settings in the Mollie Dashboard

Go to and complete all information in:

  • SettingsWebsite profiles > Payment methods to select payment methods.
  • Settings > Website profilesPersonalize checkout to set a logo and background for your payment page
  • Also check on any other pages if more information is needed.


The setup of the Mollie Dashboard is now done. Mollie will now verify all details. This usually takes 15 minutes to 1 working day. Please wait until you receive confirmation before you continue to Step 2


Go to Step 2: setup (5 minutes)




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