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Add a new room type

In this manual we explain step-by-step how to add a new room type and add photos to a new room type.

This article contains the following topics:

  1. Manual "Add a new room type"
  2. Manual "Add photo to a room type"


1. Manual "Add a new room type"
To add a new room type, log in to the Dashboard. When you are logged in to your dashboard, click on Content management and then under Hotel Data on Add Room.


A new screen opens where you enter the information for the new room type.


Important: Room type and Room description must first be entered in English. After you have saved the room information in English, you can add the information in Dutch or other available language.


Room type: Enter the name of the new room
Room description:   Add the description of the new room
Bookings method:  Select the desired booking method in the drop down Booking Engine
Make room directly bookable:
Guests can book the room directly and automatically receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. Hotel will also receive a booking confirmation and the booking will be forwarded to the channel manager / PMS, if this is linked with Request Booking
Make room bookable on request:
Guests can book the room on request. Hotel receives the request by e-mail and must confirm this to the guest in the dashboard of under Bookings > Direct bookings.

Bookings on request that are confirmed by the hotel will not be forwarded to the channel manager / PMS and must be processed manually.

When you have processed the information, click SaveIf the new room is saved, it looks like this.
Tick the facilities that apply to the new room under Room and click Save room data.


Now click on the dropdown under Room description and select a language of your choice. The Room type and Room description fields are now empty and you can add the information for the chosen language. After adding the information on the right, click the Save room data button to save. Repeat these steps until all languages are filled.




2. Manual "Add a photo to a room"
Adding or replacing photos will be explained in the manual Add a photo to a room


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