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Step 2: setup (5 minutes)

Once you have signed a contract for Hotel Pay Light, our Support Team will send you a message when you can connect the Dashboard to Mollie. Connecting Hotel Pay Light to your booking engine is usually completed in just 15 minutes!







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Setup of the Dashboard

To complete payment settings:

  1. Go to > "Content Management" > "Hotel Settings" > "Accepted payment methods" to select payment logos for your booking engine.
  2. Go to > "Content Management" and click on any room rate. In the rate settings of each rate, select "Online Payment" as a "Guarantee method". Once you click "Save", guests will see this payment option.

Your booking engine is now connected to Mollie and Hotel Pay Light is live! To provide your guests with the best experience possible, continue with Checking Hotel Pay Light.


Checking your settings

It is always good to check if your guests get the best experience possible:

  • Go to your website and start a booking. Continue until you see the payment page. Write down the transaction reference (example "EC7F7735A903").
  • Go to to check if this transaction reference is visible.


If the transaction shows up in Mollie's Dashboard, you're all set!




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