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Online payments become easier and more secure



We recently launched our new product Hotel Pay Light, connected to our Reponsive Booking engine. We interviewed Arne Schmidt, Strategic Partnership Manager at Mollie, and discussed with him the collaboration, PSD2 and the future of online transactions.

The fast growing tech company Mollie offers several smart payment solutions which are easier, cheaper and more flexible than traditional banks. As a hotelier you are dealing with a lot of guests from different nationalities, so offering them the right payment solution is key. To offer an easy-to-use solution, we decided to team up with Mollie and to connect it to the Responsive Booking Engine with Hotel Pay Light.

Arne: "Customers of won't experience anything from all technical developments in online payments. The way Mollie is connected with will secure an easy experience with an outstanding support team".

Simplicity is key, not only for, but also for Mollie. You can see this in the user friendly dashboard and the swiftness in delivering the product. Within just 15 minutes, you are able to receive payments which will save on valuable time and a lot of paper work. You can easily add an online account and payments will be processed very fast. Next to that, you can easily connect the system to your online accounting system like Exact, Yuki and Twinfield. With Hotel Pay Light, you are automatically ready for the regulations in PSD2 and SCA.


Staying on front of the latest developments

Although PSD2 is already known for quite a while, all eyes are now focussed on SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) with the 3D-secure payments. Mollie encourages these developments, as payments become more safe and swift, which makes it a step in the right direction to minimalist fraud. Arne expects that, in the future, payments become even more easy. If you look for example to Apple Pay, where you can pay with just a finger print or face recognition, you see a huge improvement. Not everyone is ready for these developments, if you look to the law, the new PSD2 guidelines will become mandatory. Big firms in the technical and financial sector are still behind in these developments. Arne still thinks that everyone will be back on track on a certain point in time.

Arne: "Everyone works very hard to come up with the right solutions which work for everyone and will meet the dead line of September 14".


A complete package

According to Arne, we cannot embrace online payments any more. Together, and Mollie will innovate on these developments. With Hotel Pay Light you have a complete package with many payments options. Together with the outstanding support team of and Mollie you are ready to receive more direct bookings.

Arne: "We try to stay ahead in developments and will always explore new opportunities in payment methods."


For only 26 EUR a month you can easily add iDEAL, SOFORT, Bancontact and other payment solutions to the booking engine. More info about Hotel Pay Light.
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