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Copy an existing rate

In this manual we explain step-by-step how you can copy an existing rate under a room.

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  1. Manual "Copy an existing rate"

1. Manual "Copy an existing rate"
Go to Content management and click under Rooms on the name of the room where you want to copy an existing rate. At the top right of the page you can see the created rates. Click on Copy Data behind the rate to be copied. The copied rate is added under the room and can be recognized by the word COPY after the name of the rate.


Click on the copied rate below the room to make changes.
At Internal rate name, remove the '- COPY' part. Check if the other information and settings are correct. If desired and applicable, adjust the Online rate name, Rate Short description and Rate cancellation policy. After the changes, click on the Save button to save the changes.

Attention! Here too it must first be entered and saved in English before it can be adjusted in the other languages.

If the copied rate is to be placed under another room, click on the drop down at Room and select the room to which the copied rate should be moved.


When you copy a rate, the rate will take over the prices, availability and restrictions from the original rate. If the copied rate has the same prices, availability and restrictions as the original rate, you do not need to do anything.

If the copied rate has different prices, availability and restrictions, we recommend to set the Show rate option? to 'no', so that the rate is not yet visible and bookable in the booking engine.

If there is a connection with a channel manager, the copied rate can be linked to it to send the correct prices, availability and restrictions. Without a channel manager, the rate can be managed manually under Rates and availability.

As soon as the prices, availability and restrictions have been loaded correctly, set Show rate? to 'yes' to make the rate bookable in the booking engine.


Questions? If you have any questions about copying an existing rate at a room, please contact our support team by submitting a new support request.

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