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Online payments will be simpler and safer


 It is now possible to link our bookings engine to the innovative payment environment of Mollie. We talked to Arne Smit, employee at Mollie about the collaboration with, PSD2 and the future of online payments. 

 Arne Schmidt, Strategic Partnership Manager at Mollie, is confident about the future of new online payment methods. As an employee at fast-growing tech company ‘Mollie’ he’s been following the latest development around PSD2 and SCA on foot. Because of the new laws concerning these two subjects that will be in effect from the 14th of September on, assessing the way this will affect hoteliers has been thoroughly looked into. We partnered up with Mollie and came up with Hotel Pay Light. For hoteliers, having lots of different guests which all prefer different currencies and payment methods, being able to keep up with new developments is crucial.

Arne: “The customers of won’t notice much from all the complex technical development concerning online payments. Because of the way implemented the software of Mollie, we offer a complete and simple experience where everything is taken care of and where we offer excellent support.”

Both for Mollie as for, simplicity is the core value. This is visible in the user-friendly dashboard and in the speed with which all systems are live. One of Mollie’s USP’s is their very fast onboarding time of only fifteen minutes. Within this timeframe, it is possible to have your online register set-up and receive online payments immediately. Ultimately sparing yourself all the paperwork, sending out forms and waiting for replies. With Hotel Pay Light, you’ll also meet the requirements that are necessary for PSD2 and SCA.

Embracing novelties

For Arne Schmidt, SCA is the new kid in town. With ‘Strong Customer Authentication,’ and the associated 3D-secure payments. At Mollie, they embrace these new developments. Arne: “It’s definitely a step in the right direction to counteract fraud.” Arne expects that in the future, payments will be even simpler and sets an example by addressing Apple Pay where all you need is a simple fingerprint to authenticate an online payment. On the other hand, not all players in the field are ready for the changes PSD2 brings. Even though PSD2, SCA, and 3D-secure payments are going to be a law-ridden obligation, the technical and financial sectors fall behind. Yet, Arne is still confident about a positive outcome: “everyone is working hard to catch the deadlines in time. We hope that all players come to a solution that is workable and that requirements to meet the deadline will be made.

All-in-all, there is no way to surpass online payments anymore. Together, and Mollie form a strong tie and will be constantly searching for ways to renew and innovate. With Hotel Pay Light we offer a complete package when it comes to online payments. With excellent support coming from both companies, there’s is always someone available when help is needed.

Arne: “We’ll be striving to improve and will always be on the lookout to add new payment methods when demands are high. At this moment, for example, we’re finalizing the process in which payments that have been made can be paid out in different currencies. Everything to make online payments even simpler.”

For 26 euros you can already offer iDeal Sofort etc in your booking engine. Read more about Hotel Pay Light.


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