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Preparing for PSD2 with 3D Secure


The new European Payment Service Directive (PSD2) will take effect on 14 September 2019. As a result, a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will be required for most online transactions. With SCA, an extra step is added to the payment process, making payments 3D Secure.


What are the consequences for hotels?

PSD2 only causes changes for hotels that work with credit card guarantee in the booking engine:

  • The credit card guarantee process remains unchanged: Guests are asked to enter their credit card number when booking, whereby the card number is provided to the hotel via a secure token.
  • The change is in charging the card in the event of a no-show or cancellation. Without verification via 3D Secure, the credit card company may refuse the transaction via the terminal after 14 September 2019.

What solutions does offer?

As a partner of hotels, we have done research and have worked with hotels on possible solutions.

Keep credit card guarantee: Guests pay at the hotel

To avoid the risk that a card cannot be charged in the event of a no-show or cancellation, we have developed an additional option whereby the guest is asked for an additional verification of the card. With 3D Secure the card is verified, making sure that the card is valid.

3D Secure verification is a paid add-on to the booking engine. The card is verified via a secure external service.


Direct payment: Guests pays the entire amount when booking

With Hotel Pay, transactions are also verified via 3D Secure. The booking amount is transferred directly to the hotel's bank account. In the event of a cancellation, the amount can easily be refunded. In addition, payment methods such as iDEAL, SOFORT and Bancontact can be offered.

Hotel Pay is a paid add-on to the booking engine. The card is verified by the payment provider and charged directly.


No guarantee: Without a credit card or in case of limited no shows

For hotels that do not work much with credit cards, or if no-shows or cancellations occur rarely, the "no guarantee" option in the booking engine is also a possibility. This lowers the threshold for guests to book.

The options 'no guarantee' and 'PM hold' are included.


What does the market do?

It is increasingly common for guests to pay at the time of booking. Online Travel Agents (OTAs) such as and Expedia are ahead of this, compared to bookings made through the hotel's own website.

With Hotel Pay, hotels can offer the same solution as these OTAs, allowing guests to pay directly during the booking process via their trusted payment method. In addition, with online payment everything is already arranged before the guest's arrival and you are sure of your income. We therefore recommend using Hotel Pay for your booking engine.

Contact your account manager for more information about Hotel Pay or 3D Secure.



It may happen that transactions are refused or that credit cards may be charged unsuccessfully. In that case, cannot be held liable or responsible.



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